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Chilly Fest Bed Races 2016


 Build a “Bed”, wear a costume, and race down the street in the middle of winter. 


 Saturday January 23rd, 2016

Racing begins at 3 PM


Intersection of McMorran Blvd. and Superior Mall


Team of 5 people. Teams can be co-workers, friends, family, or 5 strangers…

 really any 5 people can form a team 

How Much

$25 entry fee for each team


Why not? Don’t you want to have fun in the middle of winter?


The Rules

Team: Each team will be made up of 5 people

Bed Clothes: All members of each team will wear some form of PJ’s or theme appropriate costume during the race

The Bed: See additional guide for bed construction

Sleeper: There must be at least one sleeper on the bed at all times during the race

Pushing the Bed: All members of the team must be in contact with the bed at all times except during the exchange of the sleeper

The Exchange: During the half-way mark of the race, the bed must turn around and the sleeper must exchange places with one of the bed pushers

Dirty Tricks: The use of distraction devices such as whistles, silly string, etc. are approved. Distractions must be done in a respectful manner and not harmful or degrading to participants, and/or the audience. WATER IS NOT PERMITTED.

Who Wins: Whoever the judges determine: judges decisions are final. No whining, please. Good sportsmanship is expected of all participants.


Your safety is very important to us. Please wear appropriate shoes and protective gear.


If you have any questions please contact Audrey Sochor or Lindsey Adams-Fitchett


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