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Welcome to the Blue Water Young Professionals!

Blue Water Young Professionals (BWYP) is a non-profit community group that prides itself on enhancing the area we live, work and play in. In the spring of 2011, through our “I Will Stay If…” initiative, the BWYPs identified two key areas of focus with the help of area residents. The two main focus areas are downtown & nightlife enhancement and arts appreciation and growth. It is our belief that place-making is one of, if not THE key element in today’s economy. Developing an attractive place draws the type of young, creative people who in turn create jobs and stability for the future. We’re dedicated to the Blue Water Area and making this a place to live, work and play!

Art Hop

New website! Learn about the event and explore the artists and sponsors that make it possible. Visit Site.

Live, Work & Play!

Live work and play in the Blue Water Area. Get more information!

Give Where You Live

The YP’s are participating in a fantastic national event with LOCAL impact! Visit the link to learn more! Give Where You Live. Click play to hear what Give Where You Live is all about

Black River Walk Project

We met our fundraising goals and the project is complete! We’re proud to share all of the fun things we’ve been a part of!

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Who we Are

BWYP’s are active members of the local business community, ages 21-35, who are dedicated to enhancing the Blue Water Area’s economic and social opportunities. We strive to create a vibrant and diverse community for young professionals to live, work and play.   Our members are passionate, involved and willing to put in the work to make our community the great place we all believe it can be.

Our Mission

To be a catalyst of community enhancement for the Blue Water Area by collaborating with fellow forward-thinking, community-oriented individuals who are active in the civic, social and business activities of our region.
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