New year brings change to board

With the end of 2016, we had to bid farewell to three longtime board members: Crystal Jahn, Kara Schrader and Duncan Smith.

All three aged out of the group and finished up their board terms in December. Their last official act of duty was attending the Ugly Sweater Party, where they all received a lovely roast a la Comedy Central from board members AJ Armbruster and Kendra Lake as well as BWYP hoodies for their years of service.  

But you still may see them around for a little while. Crystal plans to help with the Pine River Poker Paddle in St. Clair, and Duncan and Kara will provide input with succession planning for the board.

The board also elected two new directors, Rafe MacKenzie and Matt Gregor. Rafe has been an active member of the BWYP since early 2014. He hopes to help with membership retainment. Matt has been a member since 2015 and will serve as treasurer.

Both are active with various YP committees on up of keeping busy with demanding careers. Rafe is a chemist with Cargill Salt in St. Clair and Matt runs his own financial and insurance consulting firm, a branch of Axa Advisors, in Port Huron.

More information on the two can be found in their member spotlights.