7th Street Tunnel gets makeover

If you've walked along the Black River Walk this past month you've probably noticed the 7th Street Tunnel is looking brighter. This is thanks to a partnership between BWYP and St. Clair County Community College and its Clay and a Concert series. 

Run by SC4's art department, Clay and a Concert invites local elementary school students to a theatre etiquette class where they then get to experience a live concert in the college's Fine Arts Theatre. The day's activities also include a hands-on clay workshop. 

The tile mosaic now adorning both entrances to the 7th Street Tunnel was created with clay tiles made by fifth-grade students from Roosevelt Elementary who participated in the program during fall 2017. The tiles were inspired by the Port Huron's maritime surroundings, and SC4 generously donated them to the BWYP. 

The YPs has the mosaic installed by Ron Besko and Jane Barden over a four day period starting June 7. The City of Port Huron and the National Endowment for the Arts were also partners in the project.